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Secretarial Compliance Report 31.03.2021
Secretarial Compliance Report 31.03.2021
Investors Meeting on 30.12.2021
Investors Meeting on 24.12.2021
Investors Meeting on 15.12.2021
Investors Meeting on 14.12.2021
Investors Meeting on 10.12.2021
Investors Meeting on 08.12.2021 to 09.12.2021
Investors Meeting on 03.12.2021
Investors Meeting on 30.11.2021 to 01.12.2021
Investors Meeting on 23.11.2021 to 25.11.2021
Investors Meeting on 19.11.2021
Statement of Deviation for Quarter ended 30.09.2021
Newspaper Advertisement of Results for Quarter and Half year ended 30.09.2021
Outcome of Board Meeting held on 02.11.2021
Investors Press Release of Results for Quarter and Half year ended 30.09.2021
Intimation of Earning Conference Call on 03.11.2021
Intimation of Board Meeting on 02.11.2021
Investors Meeting on 18.10.2021
Investors Meeting on 08.10.2021
Investors Meeting on 07.10.2021
National Level Champion Award from SIDM on 28.09.2021
Investors Meeting on 24.09.2021
Press Release 21.09.2021
Investors Meeting on 17.09.2021
Press Release 13.09.2021
Investors meeting on 06.09.2021
Investors Meeting on 01.09.2021
Transcript of 22nd Annual General Meeting
Investors Meeting on 18.08.2021
Investors Meeting on 17.08.2021
Investors Presentation Q1 FY 22
Outcome of Board Meeting held on 06.08.2021
Investors Press Release on Financial Performance for quarter ended 30.06.2021
Q1FY22 Earning Conference on 09.08.2021
Newspaper Advertisements for financial results for quarter ended 30.06.2021
Statement of deviation for quarter ended 30.06.2021
Voting Results and Scrutinizers Report
Outcome of 22nd AGM to be held on 30.07.2021
Intimation of Board Meeting to be held on 06.08.2021
Investors Meeting on 23.07.2021
Investors Meeting on 13.07.2021
Investors Meeting on 02.07.2021
Investors Meeting on 22.06.2021 and 23.06.2021
Q4 FY21 Earnings Call Transcript
Corporate Announcements>Newspaper advertisement published, Notice and E-Voting information for 22nd Annual General Meeting
Intimation of Investors meeting 16-06-2021
MTAR – Q4 & FY21 Earnings Call on 03.06.2021 Audio Transcript
Newspaper Advertisement for Financials Results for quarter and year ended 31.03.2021
Outcome of Board Meeting held on 02.06.2021
Investors Press Release on Financial Performance of Company for the Quarter and Year ended 31.03.2021
Intimation of Earning Conference Call on 03.06.2021
Press release
intimation of investor meeting 06-05-2021
intimation of investor meeting 04-05-2021
intimation of investor meeting 22-04-2021
intimation of investor meeting 16-03-2021
intimation of investor meeting 17-03-2021
Statement of deviation or variation
Intimation of Board Meeting to be held on 02.06.2021



Dear Mr. Reddy,
The successful launch of the GSLV MK3 on 5th June 2017 enables the country to assume a strong and independent position in space transportation using efficient launch vehicle technology. Our collaboration with you has unfolded very effectively, thanks to the experience and industry expertise of MTAR staff and the sustained support of MTAR management also merits special gratitude. The results speak for themselves and are proof of great team performance. Congratulations Team MTAR, Milestone Accomplished!
With warm Regards,

S. Somanath (Project Director, GSLV Mark III)

Thank you very much for your complementary message and inspiring words on the successful launch of GSLV Mk-III/M1 Chandrayaan-2 Mission. On this occasion we hereby acknowledge the excellent contribution of your team also in the successful mission. We expect the continued co-operation and support from your side in future missions also.

Dr. V. Narayana (Director LPSC/ISRO)

Dear Shri PJ Reddy,Thank you so much for your warm greetings. Convey my greetings to the Executive Director, Shri Satyanarayana Reddy and Shri Srinivas Reddy and to the entire family. While in LPSC, I was very strongly associated with you. I am sure that you in MTAR will be reinforcing a strong bond with LPSC and will be contributing significantly. I cherish the association and expect more tasks to be accomplished banking on your expertise in aerospace manufacturing area.

S. Somanath (Project Director, GSLV Mark III)
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