We are a leading national player in precision engineering industry engaged in the manufacture of mission critical precision components with close tolerances (5-10 microns),and in critical assemblies, to serve projects of high national importance, through our precision machining, assembly, testing, quality control, and specialized fabrication competencies, some of which have been indigenously developed and manufactured. Since its inception in 1970, MTAR has grown into a major group with state-of-the art facilities with unparalleled history of contributing to Indian Civilian Nuclear Power program, Indian Space program, Indian Defence , Global Defence, as well as Global Clean Energy sectors.

The company has the machining, assembly, specialized fabrication, painting and special processes facilities available under one roof, which are probably considered as one of the best facilities available in India, as well as in Asia.

Some of our esteemed clients are ISRO, NPCIL, DRDO, Bloom Energy, Rafael, Elbit, among others. The key product portfolio of the company includes critical assemblies such as Liquid propulsion engines to GSLV Mark III, Base Shroud Assembly & Airframes for Agni programs, Actuators for LCA, power units for fuel cells, Fuel machining head, Bridge & Column, Thimble Package, Drive Mechanisms etc. to the core of the nuclear reactor. Over the years, we have also developed import substitutes such as ball screws and water lubricated bearings that are highly specialized and premium products in Nuclear, Space and Defence.

Through its wide-variety of complex product portfolio, MTAR has created a niche for itself in the Indian precision engineering industry and is today counted among the top three suppliers that cater to precision engineering requirements of Indian nuclear, Defence and Space sectors.

The engineering capability of our Company, evolved over decades, has enabled us to consistently offer quality complex precision manufactured components and assemblies, within stipulated timelines and at reasonable cost, allowing us to forge a robust relationship with our customers. The technological expertise attained over the decades to manufacture products of high positional and dimensional accuracy has given us a steep learning curve and enabled us to set industry standards and created entry barriers for other players in relation to the technology employed and the manufacturing solutions offered to our customers. Currently, MTAR is involved in the development of roller screws, which is an import substitute, and is developing the associated technology post which the company will be the sole manufacturer of roller screws in India.

What challenges do we work to solve?

We address the complex precision engineering needs of the sectors we cater to and our mission is to create differentiated engineering products, thereby creating value for our employees, customers and stakeholders in the process. Our offerings are primarily served in the nuclear, space and defence, and clean energy sectors where we manufacture critical and differentiated engineered products with a healthy mix of developmental and volume-based production, customized to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Proud Heritage of Nation Building with Exceptional Engineering since five decades.

We commenced operations as a partnership firm in 1970, our Company was incorporated on November 11, 1999 upon the conversion of the erstwhile partnership firm into a private limited company, in accordance with the provisions of Part IX of the Companies Act, 1956.

Our Company has, over the years, developed a wide product portfolio catering to customers in diverse segments as a result of which, we have been able to establish trusted and long-standing relationships with these customers. As on November 30, 2020, our major product portfolio includes 14 kinds of products in the nuclear sector, six kinds of products in the space and defence sectors, and three kinds of products in the clean energy sector. We strive to understand our customers’ specific business needs and provide products to meet their requirements and accordingly, believe that, our ability to provide quality products as per the customer specification, and our consistent customer servicing standards, have enabled us to increase our customers’ dependence on us.

Celebrating years
Our Man Power

We have been serving customers in the civilian nuclear sector for over 35 years, and have established relationships with the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (“NPCIL”) having served them for over 16 years. We manufacture and supply specialized products such as fuel machining head, drive mechanisms, bridge and column and coolant channel assemblies, among others, not just for the new pressurised heavy water nuclear reactors, but also for refurbishment of the existing reactors.

We are also a key supplier of mission critical components and assemblies to customers within the space and defence sectors for their programs of national importance. Through our long-standing relationships of over three decades and four decades with customers such as the Indian Space Research Organisation (“ISRO”) and the Defence Research and Development Organisation (“DRDO”), we have been able to supply specialized products to the Indian space programme and the Indian missile programme, respectively. For instance, our offerings to ISRO comprised a wide variety of mission critical components and critical assemblies such as liquid propulsion engines, components and assemblies for cryogenic engines, specifically turbo pumps, booster pumps, gas generators and injector heads for such engines, and electro-pneumatic modules to serve its space launch vehicles. Within the defence sector, we undertook complex assemblies for the DRDO, including such as the base shroud assembly (for Agni missiles), and the assembly of secondary injection thrust vector control (“SITVC”) valves and hydraulic fin tip control (“HFTC”) valves. In addition, we also export critical defence components to Rafael and Elbit.

In addition, we also focus on clean energy as one of our key customer sectors and are accordingly, involved in the manufacture of power units, specifically hot boxes, and in the development and manufacture of hydrogen boxes and electrolyzers, to serve Bloom Energy Inc., United States (“Bloom Energy”) with which, we have been associated with, for over nine years.

We currently operate through seven manufacturing facilities, including an export-oriented unit (“EOU”). These manufacturing facilities, each of which is situated in Hyderabad, Telangana, employ advanced equipment to undertake precision machining, assembly, testing and quality control, specialized fabrication, brazing and heat treatment, and other specialized processes, leading to us being a one-stop solutions company for our customers. Over the years, we have made investments in processes, infrastructure and systems, and in specialized training to our technical team to become a leading player in nuclear and space and defence sectors. The company has also implemented various information technology solutions including for assisting in our designing and manufacturing operations, and enterprise resource planning (“ERP”) solutions to integrate key areas of our operations.

We lay special emphasis on research and development (“R&D”) of our manufacturing processes as we believe, it allows us to evolve our own process technologies thereby enabling us to achieve design specifications with accuracy irrespective of the size of the products. We have also recently established an engineering cell that works on cycle time reductions to enhance cost-effective manufacturing solutions in niche engineering segment. Given our operations are specialized, our manufacturing facilities also employ extensive and stringent quality control mechanism at various stages including that of material issue and manufacturing process, to ensure that our finished product conforms to the quality and traceability requirements of our customers. Owing to the critical end-applications of our products and such stringent quality requirements, we believe it becomes very difficult for new players to get qualified for the projects we undertake. Various awards such as the ‘Best Quality Supplier Award’, ‘Defence Technology Absorption Award’, ‘INS Industrial Excellence Award’ and the ‘Award for Excellence in Aerospace Indigenization’ received by us in the past bear testimony to the faith our customers have in us and our ability to successfully serve and meet their requirements.

Vikas Engine for Space Launch Vehicles

Cryogenic Engines for Space Launch Vehicles

Electro-pneumatic-Modules for Satellites

Calandria Vault Top Hatch Cover Beam for Nuclear Reactors

Actuators for LCA Tejas

Base Shroud Assembly for Agni Programs

Fuelling Machine Head for Nuclear Reactors



Dear Mr. Reddy,
The successful launch of the GSLV MK3 on 5th June 2017 enables the country to assume a strong and independent position in space transportation using efficient launch vehicle technology. Our collaboration with you has unfolded very effectively, thanks to the experience and industry expertise of MTAR staff and the sustained support of MTAR management also merits special gratitude. The results speak for themselves and are proof of great team performance. Congratulations Team MTAR, Milestone Accomplished!
With warm Regards,

S. Somanath (Project Director, GSLV Mark III)

Thank you very much for your complementary message and inspiring words on the successful launch of GSLV Mk-III/M1 Chandrayaan-2 Mission. On this occasion we hereby acknowledge the excellent contribution of your team also in the successful mission. We expect the continued co-operation and support from your side in future missions also.

Dr. V. Narayana (Director LPSC/ISRO)

Dear Shri PJ Reddy,Thank you so much for your warm greetings. Convey my greetings to the Executive Director, Shri Satyanarayana Reddy and Shri Srinivas Reddy and to the entire family. While in LPSC, I was very strongly associated with you. I am sure that you in MTAR will be reinforcing a strong bond with LPSC and will be contributing significantly. I cherish the association and expect more tasks to be accomplished banking on your expertise in aerospace manufacturing area.

S. Somanath (Project Director, GSLV Mark III)
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